Turbine Maps

The provided turbine maps include all measured and calculated data, a turbine map plot and the numerical map data in SAE norm. The SAE norm data sheet can be used directly in all established 1-D engine process simulation codes. Please find below an example of such a turbine map data set.

Expressly also the blade speed ratio of the turbine is calculated in order to allow a profound evaluation of the matching of the turbine to the applied compressor.

Due to the influence on the blade speed ratio and therefore also on the turbine efficiencies we perform these turbine map measurements with a constant turbine inlet temperature of 873K.

Since the mechanical efficiency is usually included in the calculation of the turbine efficiency (etais,T*etamech) the oil temperature and pressure is kept constant to 4 bar and 100°C and therefore fixed boundary conditions are applied to the bearing system.

Turbine Map
Example of a provided turbine map

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