swissauto Wenko AG

sa-charging solutions was founded in march 2012 based on the charging department of swissauto Wenko AG.

STK Turbo Technik

STK Turbo Technik is our main source for turbochargers and turbocharger parts as well as a long term project partner. Offical Garrett Performance dealer.

TTI Turbo Technik Innovation GmbH

Long term engineering and design partnership. Our main partner for prototype design and prototype sourcing.

Combustion and flow solutions GmbH

Our main engine process and 3D-CFD simulation partner, supporting us in charging concept validation from the simulation point of view. Therefore involved in almost all inhouse R&D projects form sa-charging solutions.


Former employee from swissauto as a key development engineer for turbocharger test rig systems. Important partner for automation tasks.