Map Extrapolation

Turbocharger map inter – and extrapolation is one of the most important tasks in the post processing of experimental data. The example below highlights a compressor map extrapolation at low circumpherential speeds of the compressor, as well as generating intermediate iso-speedlines.

Especially covering the compressor characteristics below u = 220 m/s in an experimental setup becomes difficult due to the low temperature differences over the compressor stage and the considerable impact of heat fluxes, however additional numerical data is welcome to simulate the transient behaviour of a turbocharged internal combustion engine.

We are able to support with “extended” turbocharger maps using dedicated in-house developed software. Please contact us for a specific discussion of capabilities, either concerning numerically extended maps or software packages.

Inter- and extrapolation of the compressor pressure ratio
Compressor pressure ratio

Inter- and extrapolation of the compressor efficiency
Compressor efficiency