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Turbomap by

charging solutions

The Compressor map and Turbine map platform

Turbomap is a platform from sa-charging solutions to make automotive series production turbocharger maps available.

sa-charging solutions is a well-known engineering services provider for the European automotive industry with more than 20 years of experience in thermodynamic turbocharger testing.

sa-charging solutions continuously buys and maps series production turbochargers for benchmark and other development tasks as well as for simulation purposes. The selection of the turbochargers investigated is based on our experience and highlights either commonly used specifications or turbochargers with special design features.

Compressor map and turbine map data sets of leading turbocharger manufactures such as BMTS, BWTS, Continental, Garrett, IHI and MHI are available in our Turbomap Database.

TD02H2 SA Garrett GTD12 VTG Honda